Top Five Reasons You Might Need Therapy

The word therapy brings to mind a variety of things for different people. Some people only see it as a waste of money. Others use counseling to accept and deal with a very traumatic times in their life. There are five main reasons why people seek therapy. Below, you may find a reason or two that rings a bell. If so, then therapy may be a wise decision for you.

#1 – A Past Experience Keeps Haunting You

If you experienced a traumatic event in your past, a good therapist can help you work through the pain and emotions. It might be a sexual assault, infidelity issues, or the death of someone close to you. Therapy can help you understand your emotions and thoughts, as well as give you the tools necessary to put the incident behind you and move on.

#2 – Your Marriage Needs Help

If this is the case, you can find a number of therapists who will help you understand what is wrong with your marriage and help you develop a path to put it back on the right track. Marriage counseling is a great tool when it is used correctly; however, it can be difficult if one person is more devoted to the marriage than the other.

#3 – You are Going through a Divorce

Divorce can be one of the most painful experiences in your life. If it is a long drawn out court battle, and children are involved, it can make it even worse. Many spouses will blame one another for their marriage falling apart and dealing with this can be very difficult. A therapist can help you put the pieces of your life back together again so you can start anew.

#4 You Have an Addiction

Addiction to drugs, alcohol, or gambling can destroy your life. In most cases, there are significant underlying causes of addiction and you may have to figure those out before you can start to recover. In many cases, staying off drugs and alcohol often takes professional help to keep from falling back into that life again.

#5 You are Just Not Happy

While no one is happy all the time, if you are depressed or feel as though you can’t go through life anymore, it’s time to seek out some help. Far too many people wait until their lives are completely overwhelming and then wonder how to deal it. Counseling and a great therapist can give you the tools you need to be happy again.

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