Marital Counselor – Are You Ready for a Better Marriage?

Good marital counselor can be key to saving your marriage. Some of the best sites offering directories of local family and marriage counseling therapists can be found here and here.
It is best if you can find someone you can trust and who deeply understands your situation.

There are also options for you to get immediate help online. Over the past decades there have been significant advances in psychology research which have helped many thousands of people to lead better lives, get more inspired, better manage everyday situations. Online marriage counselor can provide you remote assistance, there are many good training courses available featuring video, audio, and e-books. Some of programs include subliminal programming, meditation help, special music, inspirational stories.

First advice of online Marital Counselor is to Listen to some of most beautiful music to bring healing to your soul

Online Marriage Counseling

Best of the training courses contains two parts – one designed for your conscious mind and another for your sub-conscious. Your conscious part first need to be persuaded that certain statements make sense, before it allows access to your sub-conscious where the real healing and improvements takes place.

Consider this example – you know that for most people day of their wedding or the day when your future spouse has agreed to marry you are most happy moments of their lifes. It is when you love and feel loved. Now for a moment forget everything else and imagine yourself being again in that very moment. Recall your feelings, smile on your parter’s face, love you are radiating and love you are receiving. Now smile and slowly repeat to yourself “I am happy!”, “Everything is so perfect!”, “I love you my darling!”.

If you did follow this advice, you should now feel better, more happy since you just let your conscious a sub-conscious to cooperate.

One of most important rules of being able to maintain healthy relationship with other person, is to develop intuition to see what are real intentions of you partner. Then devote your time every day to help him/her achieve his goals. Do not think about your goals during this time. If you truly help your partner in this way, he/she will naturally help you to achieve your dreams, the main point here is that you cannot demand it, but nurture your relationship so it happens naturally.

It will do wonders in your life, if you truly understand this.

But… before you go on, before improving relationships with your spouse, you have to figure out, whether it is worth doing it. The easiest way how to find it out, is to write a list of your personal gains and losses in the present relationship. Write every positive feature which comes into your mind, then consider all the negative ones. Here is a true example made by my best friend, who made this list before she visited marital counselor:

marital counselor questionsIs your list of what you like longer than the one of what you dislike? Do you have a couple of pluses which outweigh all the minuses? Do you think that it does not matter whether there are more pluses or minuses in your relationship, you just want to improve it anyway? Then …

It is Time to Act! Find Your Marital Counselor!

When you make a complicated dish, you look for a recipe. When you have to improve your marriage (the structure of which is more complicated than any gourmet), what should you do? Consult a cookery book. You do not agree? Right you are! You need something else: a specialist’s advice, a marital counselor. And what can be better get it instantly, and online. And that is exactly why you are here.

How to Choose the Most Appropriate Marital Counselor

If you feel that you have tried everything and still nothing works, but you are sure that you want to maintain your marriage – look for marital counselor. If you are ready to and want to speak about your problems in person, then look for a practicing marital counselor or family therapist. This is the best option if your spouse also is ready for couples therapy.

Still, before you arrange a meeting with a marital counselor, you should get some background information about the consultant – not all of them are equally successful in keeping couples together. It may happen also, that you have to change the marital counselor several times, before you find the one, who is able to sort out your problems.

If, as it often happens, you either have no time to arrange a visit, or you find it too expensive, you need immediate assistance, or your spouse does not want to cooperate, you may start improving your marriage already today using some online marital counselor.

The Best About Online Marital Counselors

You may get a lot of sound advices costing much less than consultation with traditional marriage counselor. Even more – you may get complex systems worked out with the only aim to solve your immediate problems. Just check the sites of Mort Fertel and Amy Waterman!

They both are the most knowledgeable and most respected online marital counselors, both have appeared on TV shows and are authors of numerous books. They are also frequent guests on radio programs. As you can learn in their homepages, they do offer also excellent online courses devoted to couples therapy, these are the quickest options to start receiving online marriage counseling.

They provide answers to most typical marriage counseling questions. As for some time I was registered at numerous different forum sites providing free online marriage counseling, I also read tips provided by these marital counselors and found them being valuable.

Though I have learned a lot about family therapy and have realized that to save marriage is worth in most of the cases, so far I have not found anyone, whose materials were better organized and more valuable than the ones offered by Amy Waterman and Mort Fertel. Just some outline what you will learn:
Click here to visit Mort Fertel’s site 7 secrets of fixing your marriage: 

  • How to get your spouse to change
  • How to get over the past (and past the hurt)
  • How to stop a divorce
  • How to avoid a separation
  • How to spoil their affair

Click here to visit “Save My Marriage” today by Amy Waterman to learn about: 

  • Risk Factors for Divorce and Why You Should Ignore Them
  • The Real Marriage Killer: Loss of Love and Intimacy
  • Affairs: How to Spot Them and Prevent Them Before They Occur
  • Poor Communication: Getting Touchy Feely with Your Partner Lack of Commitment
  • Growing Apart: Keep It from Happening to You!

One more reason, why it is worth signing up with these marital counselors: most marriages involve two sexes. It is always better to view your marriage both from the perspective of a male and a female: thus you will get more objective picture of your marriage, and make marriage counseling more worthy.

You will receive…

“7 Secrets to Fixing Your Marriage” by MORT FERTEL,

and …

“Save My Marriage Today” Newsletter by AMY WATERMAN.

The marriage counseling techniques which are revealed in these materials, really work.

I really hope you find joy of life again,

Diana Meyers

P.S. I have been married for more than 15 years. During those years we have encountered numerous crisis, but saving our marriage has been worth – we are still happy that we are together. Though during these years I have got also a Ph.D, it has helped me less, than daily commitment to make my marriage successful. Marital counselor – time to get acquainted!